Kinky and Curious - BS'ing with Barak & Sheba

It’s the middle of summer – almost time for COPE!(**  Plus… all kinds of stuff happening at **The Columbus Space  But… there is still time amongst the wildness for a little BSing – On this month’s episode of the Kinky & Curious Podcast – BSing with Barak & Sheba, we get to cover three whole questions!  


  • What happened to the Podcast… were you on Hiatus?
  • We saw that AIS is expanding events and is going to Pittsburgh for the Steel City Scandal… Anywhere else?  Will AIS come to my town?
  • In being submissive, do you HAVE to agree to being physically disciplined to teach you. Is that a normal thing to except and accept?


Plus – we talk a bit about finally finding a home; SteamPunk Glam; Sheba’s Oasis with it’s own Chandelier; Does Sheba identify as Slut, Whore or Tramp?  We talk a little about the AIS Big Moose and the little moose; We once again cover the COPE Theme; We as if it’s possible to convince Markher to get into a Bikini; and ask the question – If you spare the Rod will you spoil the Submissive? …  Plus, does Barak get Queened, or is it just bottoming to Sheba?  Who saw both Barak & Sheba’s good bits at the UN-Conference?  And bid farewell to a Leather Legend – Master Chuck Renslow.  


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