Kinky and Curious - BS'ing with Barak & Sheba

There’s a lot going on… with the AIS April Meet N Greet ( this coming Friday, The Understanding and Utilizing Your Personal Energy Workshop (  on Saturday, April 16th, and  The AIS UN-Conference ( in less than 3 weeks!  Plus… everyone knows what’s coming on April 15th!  It’s the great American Tax Day!   So much to do, and so much going on… But… there is still time for a little BSing – On this month’s episode of the Kinky & Curious Podcast – BSing with Barak & Sheba, we talk about a couple different topics! 

While it isn’t all kink and that, we do get to some interesting and important topics.  Check out what we did get into:  

·         Sheba’s trip to South Africa

·         The Back to the Body Workshop with Pam Madsen

·         Barak’s new diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes

·         Our Energy Workshop at the Space

Plus – we ask the edgy questions – Does Sting hold his “Chi” or let it go?   Does Sheba like a happy ending with her massages?  What is a Sexalogical Bodyworker?   What do they do?  Are they just service Tops?  What if you want to experience getting Back to your Body?  Pam Madsen’s intensive - Portal of the Feminine at the Space (    Finally, we ask those burning questions – can you cover a Chakra with a napkin and hit it with a brick?  And What’s an energy meridian good for?  It’s a good time and some actually serious topics here on this month’s episode of the  Kinky & Curious Podcast – BSing with Barak & Sheba ( – Check it out and see what kind of wildness is going on! 


Barak & Sheba

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