Kinky and Curious - BS'ing with Barak & Sheba

Well… it’s less than 2 weeks before COPE - and we are neck deep in all the rushing about getting everything done! But… we were able to make some time to squeeze in the September episode of the Kinky & Curious Podcast – BSing with Barak & Sheba In this episode, once again we completely derail the regular Q&A to give Sheba a chance to rant about Genital Avatars. We go round and round about “Mr. DickHead” and the ultracool Mr. Cocky. We talk about the fantastic event that is COPE, and other AIS happenings… So join us for some fun, some weird, wacky and kinky silliness!

Plus, on this month’s Kinky & Curious Podcast – BSing with Barak & Shebawe talk about what is going on with AIS, and take a moment out to chase eachother around the house. We chat about these fine subjects -

1. Can you contact Sheba and then dick-tate terms to her?

2. What surprises we have in store at COPE…

3. Why does Sheba keep talking about sitting on Barak’s face?

We also talk about Mr. Cocky’s travels; why it’s great to perv genital pics, how many rabbits it takes to put in a lightbulb and much more! Where are we going to put that Circus tent? Plus - are COPE Tickets are still available?and what happens once they are sold out? You never know what's gonna happen, or what we might say! So, tune in for these things and more!

Check it out and let us know what you think! 

Barak & Sheba

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