Kinky and Curious - BS'ing with Barak & Sheba
KaC037 - Kinky & Curious

It’s just after the fireworks, and we are taking it easy… after a long motorcycle ride.  Getting ready for the full weekend with AIS coming July 18-19, we take time out for a little BSing.  We cover some important topics, make some announcements about what's next, talk about COPE tickets, and give a shout out to the Dread Pirate.  So join us for some fun, some weird, wacky and kinky silliness!

Plus, on this month’s Kinky & Curious Podcast – BSing with Barak & Sheba we talk about what is going on with AIS, and answer these questions-

1. Is it “normal” to be more into kink – or a different kink – than your partner? 

2. I am newer, and don’t have rope, experience, or a partner.  Will I get something out of the The AIS Rope Bondage Intensive? 

We also talk about shoehorning Sheba; our Heteronormative power exchange fail; why are Barak & Sheba’s kinks so different, and what they do about it…; Is everything awesome with Kink Labs?  What about that Meet N Greet?  What is the Pirate’s first law of the seas?   What will make your head explode?  Is e-mail old-fashioned?  Where the heck is the COPE Friday night theme hint??  Did Sheba V-jazzle?  Plus - COPE Tickets are still available!!  and are they gonna sell out?  You never know what's gonna happen, or what we might say! So, tune in for these things and more!

Check it out and let us know what you think! 

Barak & Sheba

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