Kinky and Curious - BS'ing with Barak & Sheba
KaC036 - BSing after PXS!

We had a fantastic time at PXS, the 3rd annual Power Exchange Summit... and went right into the next episode of BSing with Barak & Sheba! So, while this is a short one, we do cover some important topics, make some announcements about what's next, talk about COPE tickets, and get a quote from Shan-Wow! So join us for some fun, some weird, wacky and kinky silliness!


Plus, on this month’s Kinky & Curious Podcast – BSing with Barak & Sheba we talk about what is going on with AIS, and answer these questions-

1. Scene space - what it is, and how to respect it

2. What happened at PXS?

3. What does Shan-Wow say?

We also talk about Barak & Sheba’s girl, what kind of fun we had at the AIS Big Bash, and the huge amount of new people at the Meet N Greet. Plus - COPE Tickets are on sale now... and how fast they are selling... You never know what's gonna happen, or what we might say! So, tune in for these things and more!

Check it out and let us know what you think! BSing with Barak & Sheba

Barak & Sheba

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