Kinky and Curious - BS'ing with Barak & Sheba

On this month’s BS’ing we are once again podcasting live from the Fortress of Solitude! What are we talking about this time? You never know! Listen in and find out the answers to these questions and more?


~ What happened to Frank the Lobster, and why is he called Frank?

~ Why shouldn't you stick your dick in Crazy?

~ Safewords? What about em, and who needs em anyway?

~ Find out how Sheba busted Barak when he asked about smacking her dirty mouth up against a windshield.. And so much more…


Plus! We Kink the Vote; reminisce about fond days at the Erotic Awakening Studio; talk about Winter Wickedness sales, Sheba's favorite kink, Biblical quote; Big Pink Pop Filters, What Dan doesn't know, and TONS more!



Barak & Sheba


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