Kinky and Curious - BS'ing with Barak & Sheba

This month, join Barak & Sheba in a special live recording in front of an audience at Power Exchange Summit 2012! This episode feature Barak & Sheba taking questions asked by the attendees with a primary topic of tell us about Barak & Sheba!

Questions include: 

  • Would you prefer Brat Sheba to be more submissive? 
  • What is something that even Barak and Sheba would like to have at an event…but that they won’t
  • Is Sheba a good team member? 
  • Slapped in the face with a … moose…well, you’ll have to listen in. 
  • Is there a cuter baby than Barak?
  • Do Barak & Sheba ever play dress up? 
  • What is Sheba afraid of? And why is a white dress part of it? 

Plus! Stories of nip slips, Suzy Super Sub, looking for something ‘larger’, and more! 

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