Kinky and Curious - BS'ing with Barak & Sheba

Turn the tables on Barak & Sheba - they take questions live about them as we explore what made them into they kinky people they have become! Coming in June -


On this show, Barak & Sheba record from St. Louis and handle questions, including those that were asked while they were teaching at Beat Me in St. Louis

Questions like:

  • ‘Is it ok to be a bratty sub?’ and dealing with peer pressure
  • What is veto power in a poly relationship, and does it make sense?
  • Agreements and rules - do poly relationships need them? 
  • Dealing with Christian values and my kink life

Plus, sitting on my face; dawn perks up; the wet and hard test; Barak sings; Uminuat; yes? no Yes? no Yes? no yes? no; potential poly partners; technical difficulties cause ass porn; and cake!

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