Kinky and Curious - BS'ing with Barak & Sheba

This month on BSing with Barak & Sheba, discover what's a hitch in your giddy'up; what Poly means to each of us and why the two Bulls were standing on top of the hill.  We also talk about meeting people in for the first time, safe calls, and discuss playing in private vs public. 

 Plus, we talk about kinky bowling, hanging at the New 2 kink meeting, Winter Wickedness sales - and announce the Theme.  We talk more and more about Sheba's shoes and her favorite kink, and we introduce Sheba's new favorite Hitachi attachment. 


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On this month’s BS’ing we are once again podcasting live from the Fortress of Solitude! What are we talking about this time? You never know! Listen in and find out the answers to these questions and more?


~ What happened to Frank the Lobster, and why is he called Frank?

~ Why shouldn't you stick your dick in Crazy?

~ Safewords? What about em, and who needs em anyway?

~ Find out how Sheba busted Barak when he asked about smacking her dirty mouth up against a windshield.. And so much more…


Plus! We Kink the Vote; reminisce about fond days at the Erotic Awakening Studio; talk about Winter Wickedness sales, Sheba's favorite kink, Biblical quote; Big Pink Pop Filters, What Dan doesn't know, and TONS more!



Barak & Sheba


For more fun AIS Stuff? You can catch it all between these addresses:


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On this months BS'ing with Barak & Sheba, they are coming to you live from deep in the bowels of the Fortress of Solitude and handle questions about…

~ What they heck is an AIS one night party? 

~ What got you into producing these events and what kind of hassles did you encounter?

~ 50 Shades of Grey - awesome of not? 

~ We are new, what toys do you have? Find important?


Plus! They play whack-a-mole, talk about Scattegories (Pictionary with poop?), neighbors complaining about naked people swinging in the trees, wings with gears, Fundraising for NCSF, Barak giving Sheba the finger, deepthroating the microphone, and TONS more! 

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This month, join Barak & Sheba as the take on questions such as: 

- “Controlling my need to submit?”

- “How do I, as a newbie, get started? Get involved?”

- “How do I know if I’m a switch?”

- “Do you have any pointers for a sub learning via the internet?”

PLUS so much more! Buckets of eggs, floor to ceiling COPE, looking like Boymeat, Barak’s secret fetish, the M/master O/of Y/your D/dreams, and October secrets revealed! 


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Barak & Sheba field questions about 

~ concerned about being outed

~ how do I not get attached to someone?

~ how to I find that special someone for me?

~ how do I accept the fact that this kinky stuff turns me on?

Plus! Suspending the large and luscious;  Mounties on trial; shout out to the Monkey king; a live and random phone call to wildly put someone on the spot; and just how very single are you? 

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This week, Barak & Sheba broadcast for the first time from there new home studio! 

  • Do I really need to ask a Dom for permission to play with there sub after the sub already did?
  • How do you balance “new relationship energy” with the existing relationship? 
  • What should I be ready for as a first timer at an event? 
  • When do you bring up the fact that you are kinky when meeting someone new?

And are you ready for sex and rope in the July AIS/CORG rope intensive? 

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This month, join Barak & Sheba in a special live recording in front of an audience at Power Exchange Summit 2012! This episode feature Barak & Sheba taking questions asked by the attendees with a primary topic of tell us about Barak & Sheba!

Questions include: 

  • Would you prefer Brat Sheba to be more submissive? 
  • What is something that even Barak and Sheba would like to have at an event…but that they won’t
  • Is Sheba a good team member? 
  • Slapped in the face with a … moose…well, you’ll have to listen in. 
  • Is there a cuter baby than Barak?
  • Do Barak & Sheba ever play dress up? 
  • What is Sheba afraid of? And why is a white dress part of it? 

Plus! Stories of nip slips, Suzy Super Sub, looking for something ‘larger’, and more! 

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Barak & Sheba are back in the studio and answering questions! Like...


~ How do you separate BDSM and sex? you? 

~ Can you be too nice to be a Dom?

~ I'm new but I don't like rope or that extreme do I let people know?

~ Playing with my new top, he left marks and felt guilty. How do I convince him I want MORE marks? 


Plus! Bring it home hot! Masterbating on a Harley; guess who has a birthday? and an unwrapping fetish; genital piercings as a lesh; who is the mystery man? You've been Baraked!; world erotic art museum; Iron Chef!; and the giant cock of doooooom! 



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Turn the tables on Barak & Sheba - they take questions live about them as we explore what made them into they kinky people they have become! Coming in June -


On this show, Barak & Sheba record from St. Louis and handle questions, including those that were asked while they were teaching at Beat Me in St. Louis

Questions like:

  • ‘Is it ok to be a bratty sub?’ and dealing with peer pressure
  • What is veto power in a poly relationship, and does it make sense?
  • Agreements and rules - do poly relationships need them? 
  • Dealing with Christian values and my kink life

Plus, sitting on my face; dawn perks up; the wet and hard test; Barak sings; Uminuat; yes? no Yes? no Yes? no yes? no; potential poly partners; technical difficulties cause ass porn; and cake!

Find everything Adventures in Sexuality at



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On this episode, Barak & Sheba record from a cruise liner as they return from international voyage! They answer questions on how they relax after an event, as well as how to tell if people you meet are kinky or not. 

Plus, french kissing dolphins, enormous breast that have good energy, the shocker vs the Spocker, getting hit by a sugar truck, and Sheba proclaims that None Shall Pass! 




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On this episode, Barak and Sheba give us a post event break down, only a few hours after wrappening up three days of Winter Wickedness.

Plus, Barak kisses and tells, Sheba indulges her sadist, dungeon bitches, Doug the Donkey Dong, screaming pain into a who-who, leaping Dread Pirates, filming for the Kink Academy, and "if the shoe it in 3 or more colors".

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On this episode, Barak & Sheba ring in the new year with questions on…


  • Do relationships based on sex actually work?
  • How do I deal with jealousy? 
  • Should fear be part of Ds? 
  • Got any new years resolutions?



Also! Anal hooks vs nose hooks, Cheetah dies, Star Wars, unnecessary suffering, and your last chance for sex….apolusa! 


Sex Is article ->

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Sexapolusa ->



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