Kinky and Curious - BS'ing with Barak & Sheba

This week, Barak & Sheba answer questions on...



  • How do I say goodbye before it gets too heavy? 
  • Am I a SAM or a brat? Is that a good or bad thing? 
  • Is it odd to want sex separate from D/s? 
  • Are tops allowed to "red" a scene? 
  • How do I go back to vanilla sex after being a slave? 


When the show starts, there are still tickets to Winter Wickedness, but will there be any by the time they are done? 


Plus! A dirty talk scene in the middle of the show; 9 1/2 weeks; 2 for 1 piercing; hook suspension in a church; Sexis magazine; and Sheba describes what she does with boys....


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